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Kelly Anderson

Kelly Marie Anderson


She has had a lot of plastic surgery forehead lips etc..to hide her past .

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Escambia County, Florida, United States #1109807

Escambia County Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court

Courtviewer Records Search


Case Number 2016 DR 000434 Case Judge P / KINSEY., JENNIE

Case Type STALKING (per F.S.

784.0485) File Date 02/01/2016

Case Action Code Case Status OPEN PARTIES Rcd Party Type Name Race Gender D.O.B.

/ D.O.D.1 Petitioner GERHARELT, RENEE XRef-ID: 1985 2 Respondent ANDERSON, KELLY XRef-ID: 1986 EMAIL ADDRESSES None CHARGES None DOCKETS Rcd Date Description Document Tag # 1 02/01/2016 CASE FILED 02/01/2016 CASE NUMBER 2016 DR 000434 2 02/01/2016 KINSEY., JENNIE: ASSIGNED 3 02/01/2016 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HEARING SET FOR 02/10/2016 AT 8:00 AM IN CR 101/ , JDG: KINSEY., JENNIE 4 02/01/2016 FAMILY COURT COVER SHEET 1.000000000000 5 02/01/2016 NOTICE OF RELATED CASES 2.000000000000 6 02/01/2016 REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIAL FILING OF ADDRESS - DECLINED 3.000000000000 7 02/01/2016 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INFORMATION SHEET 4.000000000000 8 02/01/2016 ORDER SETTING HEARING 5.000000000000 9 02/01/2016 PETITION FILED 6.000000000000 10 02/03/2016 DV LETTER TO SHERIFF 7.000000000000 EVENTS Rcd Date Start Time End Time Event Type Judge Result 1 02/10/2016 8:00:00 AM 8:00:00 AM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HEARING

Mississippi, United States #1007883

This person

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Marie Anderson

Gulfbreezemom. Com

Has a blog with purchased likes this is her way to bury her past of her crime past and present.

She gives advise how to be good person mother and housewife which she is not! All from someone Who just completed dv Domestic violence program Again.


Beware of this ho she will do anything to lock someone down and suck the life out of them.She has a blog that she bought the list of followers, she has many run in's with the law.

Just google her also go under images to see her before pic's .To hide her id.

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